Another thing from Carolyn Headley, in Liturgy and Spiritual Formation (Grove, Worship Series 143)

I’ve used this in every liturgical talk I’ve done since I first read it. It’s a quote from someone called Ostdiek. It sums it up for me. If liturgy is about little rules and fussing about then it’s not for me. But if it’s about the living encounter between God and the church then sign me up.

Spot the shape of the Eucharist in here:

Liturgy is not a thing. It is the act of a people who gather with the Risen Lord to keep covenant with God – to hear God’s word, to pray, to offer thanks and praise for the marvellous thing God has done for us in Christ Jesus, and to leave with a mission. It is a moment in which we lift up the outward deeds and inner movements of our daily lives to allow them to be enlightened with a Gospel word and to be signed with a gesture of dying and rising. Liturgy is a verb, filled with people’s celebrating and living.

G Ostdiek, Catechesis for Liturgy p. 3