This is, I guess, not strictly liturgical. And yet…

There’s a special service we’ve been asked for. It is preceded by a parade, and it needs to happen in Feb or March. We can’t do it before 5 pm. I don’t want them to be parading in the dark. I had a general idea when the sun might be setting, but general is not good enough.

So I Googled, and got the answer here. Great site for knowing exactly when the sun will rise and set, wherever you are in the world. I liked the use of the map – others use postcodes.

Light and darkness, of course, do make a difference to worship, especially when you need it to be dark for some projected visuals. Nice to have a pleasing site where you can plan for it in detail.

I know. I will get out more.

PS: the ace picture at the top of the blog is a sunrise…