Yes I know – it’s either very early to plan your stuff for next year, or far too late to do this year’s….but while it was in my mind, here’s a couple of resources you might not know about.

They Shall Grow Not Old compiles about every Remembrance liturgy and prayer you could ever need (and the music for the Last Post and Reveille).It’s by my old chum Brian Elliott, who has been an Army Chaplain for ages, and whose Labarum site is now hosted by Oremus. Loads of millitary stuff – invaluable in certain quarters.  TSGNO is a one stop shop for this time of year.

For wider resources for remembering and commemorating, look at Beyond Our Tears. It’s a Churches Together publication, with sample liturgies (eg the one after the Dunblane tragedy), and all sorts of prayers, poems and writing.

And one practical thing. Lots of places use the hymn O Valiant Hearts. Lots try not to, because it’s theology gets a bit difficult in saying that the death of those in war is a ‘little calvary’, but you can have quite a job dissuading your local British Legion from singing it. But…it’s not in many hymn books. Click here and scroll down the page and you’ll find it, with the music. Good luck.